Re: The Death of Agrippina

Jeff Skinner (
23 Jan 1997 15:25:28 GMT

In article <5c6h22$>, Royer) writes:

_]Even the little note you wrote to me above is not correct. I'm
_]embarrassed for you. Clean up you act. Check your work. Do it right
_]and people will be more likely to read it. They may not like it any
_]more than they do now, but at least they *might* read it.

He's right, you know. Its sad to see someone with a valid artistic ambition
come up short because he isn't editing his work carefully. Its great to have
something to say, but if you aren't saying it with clarity and precision,
you aren't doing your best. No need to get into a pissing contest either,
unless you happen to enjoy such things. This is good advice.