Re: The Death of Agrippina

Jim Butterfield (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 13:23:29 GMT

Toronto, Friday, January 24, 1997: A sixteen year old boy is in custody
in North York [a suburb of Toronto] after killing his mother. The 38-year
old woman was stabbed several times. Police believe that he had been
reading a pornographic story on the internet that dealt with matricide
Name of the accused is being withheld because he is under age.

Quirk ( wrote:

: The following is a one scene vignette from new testiment era history
: from a seeries I am working on called "65ad". It is as accuarate a
: historical account as I could construct using available sources. I
: hope you enjoy it.

: ** WARNING ** The Following Article Contains
: ** WARNING ** Graphic Sexual Violence.,,,