Re: anthropology of islands

Kathleen M. Adams (
23 Jan 1997 16:36:42 GMT

You might want to check out the Association for Social Anthropology in
Oceania. They also have an on-line newsgroup open to their members. Lin
Poyer is currently the Chair of the organization. I don't have access to
her Email address now, but it will most certainly emerge in a standard
internet search. (Or, if you are a professsional anthropologist, check
your AAA Guide to Depts.". Ulp, cancel that last suggestion--I just
noticed that you are in Germany and probably don't have access to a Guide
to Depts).

-K. Adams

Petra Ilyes ( wrote:
: Does a specific research field of the anthropology or ethnology of
: islands exist? Maybe someone could point out some literature to me.
: Thanks.

: Petra Ilyes, University of Frankfurt/M, Germany
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