The Death of Agrippina

Quirk (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 20:16:21 GMT

The following is a one scene vignette from new testiment era history
from a seeries I am working on called "65ad". It is as accuarate a
historical account as I could construct using available sources. I
hope you enjoy it.

** WARNING ** The Following Article Contains
** WARNING ** Graphic Sexual Violence. The weak
** WARNING ** of heart are encouraged to stop
** WARNING ** reading now and hit your delete key.

Anicetus approached the Emperors mother, Agrippina. A
shipwreck had failed to kill her. A more direct approach would be
pursued. She looked up at him with disdain.

"Having gone through all the perversions and excesses that we
hold so dear in our family, my dear son will now add matricide to his

Anicetus drew his sword. Agrippina through off her robe.

"This is the body that bore our Nero, how I screamed with the
pain of childbirth". Her left hand slowly scanning her torso down to
the inside of her groin. She began messaging herself. She sat down on
the floor.

"We have always preferred pleasure to pain."

After licking the index finger of her other hand she reached
for her breast. She traced rings of saliva around her aureole and
brought her self down to the floor.

"From these breasts the infant fed, he was rough and hungry"
releasing a sudden gasp, she pinched her nipple sharply and tilted her
had back. Gazing at the ceiling, she closed her eyes. Her legs spread

She began to thrust her finger inside of herself as her hand
began to glisten with moisture, reflecting stars of light from the
moon outside the window.

"Is he here too? He must be. Surely he would want to watch
the death of Agrippina. He is no Oedipus, my boy, I offered him my
charms, I suppose he prefers a younger cunt like that of Poppaea. He
is probably savoring my death. I would think he would reserve the
pleasure of this deed for himself. He must be growing Impatient."

Using two fingers now she started penetrating faster. Her
breath shorting, mixing with gasps and sighs.

"Do it now! Plunge your sword into my womb!"

Her breathing, gasps, Anicetus firmly gripped his weapon and
lunged. The point of the blade tearing through Agrippinas hand, into
her body. Her scream rattling his awareness. Her left handing flashing
by his face, nails tearing at his skin.

He stabbed her again, many times. Her right hand, cleft in
two, hung off the end of her arm like a decorative fringe. It came up
and splashed against his face, exploding blood across his eyes, into
his mouth.

Still raking his face fiercely, she delivered her final cry.
Her body lay dead across the floor, Anicetus collapsed on to her,
their bodies tangled together in a nightmare of blood and torn flesh.
Panting, Deliriously weeping, Anicetus did not move.

Nero entered the room. Silently he circled the couple and
stood. Anicetus broke free of her limp embrace and dragged himself
to Neros feet.

Nero stared intently, surveying the naked body of Agrippina.

"I did not know I had so beautiful a mother."

-- Quirk.