Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Charles Hilt (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 08:55:10 MST

>: The correlation between poverty and low intelligence has been proven.

>ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!! It would be quite inappropriate for me to name
>several former engineers/scientists (once MTS-6 or MTS-7) whose IQs are
>probably in the 160-180+ range who are either homeless, living in
>poverty, etc., and one (a Cal-Tech grad) is still trying to become a rock
>star as he recently used to live out of his car!!!

>Do you really think that the wealthiest people are the most intelligent?
>Do you know how many successful business owners never graduated from high
>school? Everything that you say seems to have been created in some sort
>of vacuum!!!
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Once again someone is trying to associate raw intelligence with common sense,
they do not go hand in hand.
As far as the no high school, well, formal education and intelligence aren't
always a team, perhaps hard work and determination are the key?

Now, I do think that there has been proven a correlation between poverty and
lack of hard work and determination.
Chuck Hilt