Re: A Cousin Nomenclature Question...

chris dugan (
18 Feb 1995 01:11:23 GMT

she stepped out of the framing circle of ( wrote:
: My offering: From B's perspective A is simply a first-cousin-once-removed.
: I've always thought that the "cousin" relationship is marked by equivalence.
: In other words B must have the same relationship to A as A does to B.
: The generational difference is an issue apart.
Perhaps you are right. However, I always understood (perhaps
falsely) that one determines how which degree of cousin someone is to you
by how many generations one has to go back to get to the common ancestral
couple. If so, then from B's perspective, A would have to be some sort of
second cousin. On the other hand, if what you are saying is correct, then
one's parent's first cousin would be called the same thing as one's first
cousin's child: your first-cousin-once removed. Granted, the coefficient
of relatedness is the same in both cases, but B and A are of different
generations and I would have thought that nomenclature would have
reflected this (just as one's sibling's daughter is your niece, but from
her perspective you are her aunt or uncle).