Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Stephen Lajoie (
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 07:37:26 GMT

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David Waters <> wrote:
>Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
>: Given all other things being equal, an more intelligent person will
>: require less time training than an less intelligent person. The
>: assumption IS that all races have the same intelligence; as any employer
>: would rather have a more intelligent person all other qualifications
>: being equal.
>This is silly...your lack of real-world experience is blinding!!!

What is silly is that you think that by claiming some sort of monopoly on
real-world experience excuses you from knowing anything. Facts and data!
Do you have facts and data?

> First
>of all, no one should hire people who are "over-qualified" for a job so
>that they are bored with their tasks. Secondly, people with the highest
>IQs aren't necessarily the best employees...especially if they don't work
>well in a team/group environment as their duties require them to.

Are you claiming that there is a negative correlation between IQ and
teamwork?! If so, provide data. If not, then why do you bring this up?

>Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
>: When the federal government audits military contractors and finds that
>: "blacks" are underrepresented in the engineering ranks, they accuse that
>: military contractor of racial bias. The Contractor then points to the low
>: availability of black graduates from the colleges. The colleges, then, are
>: assumed to have racist policies and bigoted practices. Having taught some
>: engineering classes, I know that the polices of most colleges is exactly
>: the opposite. Blacks are given an advantage.
> Key Point
>Well, if this is so, then there should be 100% empoloyment among minority
>engineers (AfAms in particular), right? Well, there isn't!!! There never
>has been!!! Your so-called claim is FALSE!!!

How does there not being 100% employment among AfAms engineers prove that
there is not an unfair advantage given to AfAms? There is very little
that is 100%.

The data that AfAms have been given an unfair advantage is in TBC. Do you
have data to contradict this?

An unfair advantage would be where a less qualified AfAm is selected for
employment over an more qualified non-AfAm.

Shoot, the post office even adds bonus points to one's test score if the
applicant is a selected minority. A pretty obvious unfair advantage.

>Are those military contractors required to produce all of the resumes and
>applications, submitted by minorities, that they turn away? No! In
>fact, they often destroy them at designated intervals. The point is that
>the hiring process is almost always a closed process, often the final
>approvals are made by one person who may be subject to personal bias.

Talking real world, as project manager on an engineering project I went
though stacks of resumes. I selected the best qualified; a South East
Asian man with a Masters degree. I was turned down when I asked to hire
him. We had TOO MANY asians, I was told.

I ended up with an AfAm with minimal qualifications. The man was an
embarassment. Yet, he was recruited away with a big increase in income
because the guy appeared in an ad in a certain minority magizine.

>Previously, Gordon Fitch (?) wrote:
>: >I hope all you "IQ" fans notice that, once again,
>: >"intelligence" is being equated with "general (economic)
>: >worth."
>Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
>: The correlation between poverty and low intelligence has been proven.
>ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!! It would be quite inappropriate for me to name
>several former engineers/scientists (once MTS-6 or MTS-7) whose IQs are
>probably in the 160-180+ range who are either homeless, living in
>poverty, etc., and one (a Cal-Tech grad) is still trying to become a rock
>star as he recently used to live out of his car!!!

You obviously don't understand what "correlation" means. It doesn't mean
Iron-Clad-100%. See TBC.

You estimates of IQ of your friends is irrelvant.

You "real world" experience is poor data. A real engineer would not place
much value on exceptions and anecdotal evidence.

>Do you really think that the wealthiest people are the most intelligent?

They tend to be.

>Do you know how many successful business owners never graduated from high

No. Tell me. And tell my how you define success, and give a break down of
wealth by intelligence. (Hint, see Page 136 of _The Bell Curve_.)

>Everything that you say seems to have been created in some sort
>of vacuum!!!

Every thing you have said is your personal, bias opinion. I'm just
looking at the data.

Steve La Joie