IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Stephen Lajoie (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 16:13:19 GMT

In my first response to this thread, long ago, I stated that there was
serious reasons why one could not say that IQ was related to race.

Later on, I stated that many professors are muzzled by political
pressure to not state the obvious; that race and IQ are correlated. I
knew very well that many professors will tell you they are not related in
public, and but admit that there is a correlation in private when they
felt it was safe. They fear for their jobs.

The response to my claim was that this evidence was anecedotal. That there
was no proof. I remembered that there had been cases of extreme political
pressure put on profs who admitted the truth in public, but I couldn't
remember when.

Well, the is a case in the news now. Francis Lawrence, president of
Rutgers university, said that SAT scores were unfair because black
students lacked the genetic and hereditary background needed to score
high on them.

He's taken it back, he said he mispoke, he apoligized, but the clamor
for his firing still goes on. He is under a great deal of political
pressure to quit or be fired.

This is strong evidence to support my claim that the truth is indeed
forbidden. Those who work in the field will not admit it because they
will not get government funding, and will be fired from their positions.

Clearly, most claims that race and IQ are not correlated are tainted by
this political pressure, and are invalid.

Steve La Joie