Re: Who is Lileth?2

Jari Kivela (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 23:36:47 GMT (Keith Dever) writes:

>Who is Lileth? I have heard that it is a Jewish legend that she preceded
>Eve. Have any of you anthro-types heard of that legend?

I have read about her, only that here she is known as Lilith. I don't
have the article here, but if I remember correctly, she really preceded Eve.
Another thing I remember is, that she was too independent for Adam, which
Adam of course couldn't accept. After that she was probably killed or
expelled from the paradise because of this 'bad nature'. Anyway, she sounded
like a very fine woman, but because Adam couldn't handle her, she had to be
taken care of. Then came the Eve, who was more submissive.

I'm not sure if this is the right group for this kind of discussion. Anyway,
it's an interesting legend since it tries to punish women just because they
are independent. In that case it also tells us something, not very flattering,
about Christianity.

Jari Kivela