Eric Bohlman (
Sun, 29 Jan 1995 07:45:04 GMT

Michael Andrew Turton ( wrote:

: I notice that nobody is ever willing to list just what those
: "differences" "phenotypic clusters" "somatic types" and other codes
: *are*.........why is that, I wonder..........

They're socially derived abstractions. Sometimes they're useful. Many
times they aren't.

: NEWS FLASH: "Nigerian" has the same level of meaning as "American."
: There is no "nigerian" ethnic group, just a loose (or tight) association of
: a number of different people with widely varying amounts of melanin etc
: etc in their skin. In fact, the distance between an australian aborigine
: and a nigerian is about as far as you can get: that between fiction and
: reality (!).

By "Nigerian" I meant "randomly picked resident of Nigeria," and I am
fully aware that the amount of genotypic and phenotypic variation among
several such individuals is large.