Jim Rogers (grimpeur@VNET.IBM.COM)
Wed, 8 Feb 95 13:15:03 CST (S. LaBonne) wrote:
<>Methinks the jerrybro doth protest too much. Given that you agree
<>that race is a _socially_ constructed category, what is its _present
<>social utility_ according to you?

Bob Casanova <> responded:
<>Why not ask the US gov't, which made race the basis of a significant
<>amount of legislation?

And (S. LaBonne) followed up:
<Can you quote the post in which I defended the government's system of
<"racial" classification? Hint: You won't find one, because I don't
<support it. So, why address this question to me?

Whether you support the government's classification system is irrelevant
to the question "what social utility does race have?" Bob Cassanova
(indirectly) answered your question. That race does have a measurable
effect on government *is* "social utility." That it does have an effect
on people's broader social interactions is another. Value judgements are
another matter.

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