Patsy E (
6 Feb 1995 09:35:37 -0500

if the internet dries up because the great patrons on Capitol Hill deem
it trivial and unnecessary expenditure... it will be in part because of
silly threads like this one. As a graduate school attendee, as a part
native, part african, part scots person with a high iq and as the mother
of a kid who is more african with a higher IQ, Im glad that he uses his
computer time in less stultifying ways. I hope that his classmates, in
the 4th grade today, be they English, Ghananian, Iranian, Ivorian, Scots,
or Japanese will have access to high tech after the silly racist big boys
with nothing better to do than clutter up my newsgroup. Please withdraw
this foolishness from sci.anthropology. Some of care about science,
humanities, and real information. patsy evans