Bearcat (
Sat, 4 Feb 1995 23:46:12 GMT wrote:

[words to the effect that the so-called Black race refers]
[only to African Americans]

(James Nicoll) wrote:
: >
: > >> What race are Africans*, then?

: > >African.

: > i don't understand. what makes 'african' a race (even in a
: > social sense)? is 'new zealander' a race?

: Personally, I think that "aboriginal Africans" hardly form
: a race. But if the previous poster insists on naming some
: race that spans all of Africa, why not "African"?

The previous poster made no such insistence. This is intellectual
dishonesty. The poster wanted you to clarify your statement
that "Black" only describes the "race" of African Americans.
Or have you forgotten what you had previously posted?

: By the way, the previous poster did specify that he wanted a racial
: name for "aboriginal" Africans, excluding the descendents of
: white settlers, etc. Perhaps my excision of that qualification
: threw you for a loop.

More dishonesty. The "previous poster" never made any such
request. Unbelievable.

- Bearcat