Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Rich Albanese (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 17:23:35 GMT

The answer to this thread is simple: the book of genesis and the theory of
evolution are one and the same. Genesis is a symbolic metaphorical story of
the begginning or creation, not the literal play-by-play. It was handed down
generation after generation by oral story telling, before it was ever put
into print. God did not create the earth in 7 24hr days (btw: if there was
no earth, no sun, and no nothing, how do we know how long the first day took?)
Suppose that genesis describes creation in terms that ancient man could
understand, and that it actually took several million years for god to create
man through evolution. If god is immortal, then whats the difference between
7 days and 7 million years?

I hope this guy is not one of those 5-thousand-year-old-earth believers, if so
then it is stupid to continue the thread, you can't open fanatically closed
minds. I suppose only the actual King James version of the bible is the
correct translation? A study of the roots of creation stories in Sumerian
texts shows a much different story than what King James wanted his kingdom
to believe.

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