Re: Luxembourg Royal Family: House Irradiak (and paleo-Letzisch royalty)

Robert Gotschall (
13 Oct 1996 11:23:26 GMT

In <> Francis Pracht <> writes:
>> Ah, right. That clears everything up. Especially those characters
>> don't even display on an ascii screen. They make things particularly
>> clear. (I expect you were perfectly aware when you posted this reply
>> that the discussion is crossposted outside of
>> alt.language.terminally-obscure.archaic.european.)
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>Just an information:
>The weird language you cannot read on the message is luxemburgish,
>is the official language here and has nothing to do "obscure" or
"archaic". I think it is
>normal to write in luxemburgish in alt.letzebuerger...
>By the way, the luxemburgish "royal" family is a grand-ducal family,
and it's origin is
>the Nassau House.. That is what my luxemburgish friend was writing is
his message

Well checking the dictionary -Random House- finally. In the statement
paleo-Letzisch royalty I guess -paleo- meant paleology as in the study
of antiquities, rather then paleontology, the science of the forms of
life existing in former geologic periods, as represented by their
fossils. For no good reason, I had always assumed
sci.anthropology.paleo meant human fossils. I can certainly see how a
Luxemburgish poster could reach another conclusion, and may even be
right. Interesting--the way you learn things.