Re: Modern Neanderthals?

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Yousuf Khan wrote:
> On Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:38:32 GMT, (Randy) wrote:
> >Just finished a novel, _Neanderthal_, by Darnton. Premise is that
> >Neanderthals survive in the Pamirs, a high mountain range on Himilayan
> >plateau near southern Russia, Afghanistan, etc. His basic point was
> >that being intelligent and also evolved for survival in the ice age,
> >they could live on in the high mountains. He cites reports of the
> >"Alma" and, of course, the "Yeti" in this region as evidence.
> >Similar premise to be found in Crichton's _Eaters of the Dead_.
> >Why or Why not?
> Why the Yeti? Why not the modern people of Europe, Middle East, and India?
> Neanderthals populated all those parts of the world when we recognized them
> as Neanderthals. Now we recognize them as Caucasians.
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Yousuf while there is no doubt Neanderthal genes in Europe and
the Middle East, your statement is rather absurd. It is like
calling Africans Australopithecus because they were only found
in Africa. Best Regards