Re: Luxembourg Royal Family: House Irradiak (and paleo-Letzisch royalty)

Francis Pracht (
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 10:06:23 +0000

> Ah, right. That clears everything up. Especially those characters that
> don't even display on an ascii screen. They make things particularly
> clear. (I expect you were perfectly aware when you posted this reply
> that the discussion is crossposted outside of
> alt.language.terminally-obscure.archaic.european.)
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Just an information:

The weird language you cannot read on the message is luxemburgish,
is the official language here and has nothing to do "obscure" or "archaic". I think it is
normal to write in luxemburgish in alt.letzebuerger...

By the way, the luxemburgish "royal" family is a grand-ducal family, and it's origin is
the Nassau House.. That is what my luxemburgish friend was writing is his message