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> Blah Blah Blah!
> i recall a recent issue (Spring '96?) of FORBE'S MEDIA WATCH -- "Hyping
>the Gay Gene" -- which noted that both the samples on which the genetics
>of sex orientation claim was based were very small,

This true. Moreover, they have been done without real controls.
The studies compare similarity of base sequences in certain regions
against statistical models of the likelyihood of the sequences being
the same. What they have not done is compare the base sequences with
those of a heterosexual control group.

Some investigators have been unable to replicate the findings of
the original studies.

>and that the
>researchers were under investigation for scientific fraud.

I believe you have confused the genetic studies, which are
interesting but far from conclusive, with LeVey's studies
of certain brain structures. There are more than a few questions
about LeVey and his work, but the claim of the work was that
certain brain structures were a different size in gay men.
Whether this was the cause or effect of the (deceased) men's
sexualities or if it were genetic in either event were conclusions
that LeVey explicitly denigned making.

>If so, isn't all this deep speculation rather premature?

That sexuality appears to be fixed at a very early age
and seems extremely resistent to modification are fairly
well established, so consideration of a genetic -- or at
least a congenital -- origin seems perfectly in order.
Speculation is not premature, but conclusions certainly

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