ABC & racist pseudoscience

John Rice Cole (
28 Sep 1996 01:26:21 GMT

Sept 26th, ABC-TV in the US broadcast a "new" show, "Chariots of the Gods?"
featuring the totally debunked claims of Erik von Daniken which were published
and broadcast in the 70's! Von D's claims were not presented with any
competent archaeological analysis or comment--they would have been blown out
of the water, of course. Von D's premise that the Mayans, Incas, etc. could
not have done nifty things without help from outer space is flat-out racist.
These people are/were thoroughly modern humans as capable as you or I. To
imply otherwise is pseudoscientific racism.

Why is ABC *doing* this--to keep up with NBC and its notorious "Mysterious
Origins of Man" or CBS's "Noah's Ark" hoax promulgation? ("Not our news
division," they will reply to justify promoting garbage!)

--John R. Cole
I'm an archaeologist, but I don't play one on TV.