Homosexuality: male & female

Yousuf Khan (ykhan@achilles.net)
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 04:27:27 GMT

Now I don't mean this to turn into some debate about right and wrong, all
I'm asking for below are numbers.

Is it just my imagination or do male homosexuals tend to outnumber female
homosexuals? Or is it just that males are more open and vocal about it?

Also, what are the latest figures on the percentage of homosexuality in the
general population? Last I heard they were talking about 10% of the human
population is fully homosexual, with 25% of the human population showing
some degree of homosexuality (ie. bisexuality). Now, I don't know if those
figures are accurate anymore or not, nor do I know if that 25% figure
denotes both bisexuals and homosexuals, or just bisexuals alone. Can
somebody fill me in on the latest survey figures?

Yousuf Khan

Yousuf J. Khan
Ottawa, Ont, Canada
Nation's capital