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25 Sep 1996 23:17:43 GMT

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>>>The "affect" referred to in schizoaffective is not affectation, but
>>>affect, which means mood, with a slight bias toward meaning the
>>>external manifestations of mood.
>> Why don't you check your dictionary - the word affect means
>> 'pretend to have or feel, counterfeit, fake, feign, imitate,
>> pretend or sham etc.' Just because you invented a new word that
>> does not make proper use of the old, does not mean that you're
>> making sense...
>You're confusing the noun with the verb. You've been caught faking
>it. If you don't have the balls to make a lighthearted apology, at
>least have the sense to shut up.
My dear sir - you appear to (highly technical psychobabble):
have gone completely bananas.
My OXFORD English dictionary defines 'affect' as a verb - it
defines 'affectation' as a noun - meaning 'pretence -esp in
behaviour' - I'm afraid you seem to suffering from delusions of
a linguistic nature...

When did you first discover this word, 'schizoaffective'?
Do you hear voices murmuring it?