Re: culturally based gestures and their meanings

Michael Rogero Brown (
25 Sep 1996 18:37:49 GMT

Roy V. Hughson ( wrote:
: On Sep 22, 1996 20:31:11 in article <culturally based gestures and their
: meanings>, '"a.p. de groot" <>' wrote:
: >hello, i am looking for for any information (papers, articles...) on
: >gestures and their meanings insofar they are based on culture. I am a
: >stewardess for KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines and I need the information
: >for my work. Thanks in advance, Adre€nne
: I'd suggest that you get a copy of Desmond Morris' book, "Bodytalk: The
: Meaning of Human Gestures." It was published in 1993 or 1994.
: It's a very interesting book, with illustrations of the gestures. It gives
: their meaning in various cultures, which are often quite different for the
: same gesture.

I believe there are a few other books like that for travelers which point
out the various gestures and the like that different meanings in different
cultures, and which travelers should be aware of.

In fact, the Travel Channel ran a series of humorous ads about tourists
mistakes with gestures and not understanding the culture in other
countries, and I beleive PBS stations have run programs along these lines.

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