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David Lloyd-Jones (
26 Sep 1996 01:27:44 GMT Back-Cunningham) wrote:

>In <52a4d6$> (David Lloyd-Jones)
>>You're confusing the noun with the verb. You've been caught faking
>>it. If you don't have the balls to make a lighthearted apology, at
>>least have the sense to shut up.
> My dear sir - you appear to (highly technical psychobabble):
> have gone completely bananas.
> My OXFORD English dictionary defines 'affect' as a verb - it
> defines 'affectation' as a noun - meaning 'pretence -esp in
> behaviour' - I'm afraid you seem to suffering from delusions of
> a linguistic nature...

Nope. The problem is either you haven't read far enough in your
dictionary, or you're using a grade school Oxford which defines 1200
common words in 32 point type.

Here's the relevant entry from Webster's: "psychol: the conscious
subjective aspect of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes."

<stupid insults snipped>