Re: X Files anthro? (was Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?)

Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 02:17:56 GMT

>Has anybody heard about the goat-sucking, chicken killing, glowing eyes,
>furry as hell (but sometimes scaled, with a devil's tail) creature that's
>captured much of Latin America's imagination of late?

>What do you think is behind the human need for the paranormal?

This is el chupacabras, and it's spread from Puerto Rico not only to
Mexica but to Long Island and possibly to Maine since last spring! CF
*Strange* Magazine again -- you can count on Mark Chorvinsky to keep
on top of this stuff. In the local (San Antonio, TX) papers I have
seen eyewitness accounts claiming that it has "skin like a dinosaur,"
raising the question: When did the witnesses last see a dinosaur?
The mascot of the Zapata Chupacabras Festival down in the Valley
looked like a cartoon bird with huge fangs. Fellow children's writer
Dian Curtis Regan features the Chupacabras in her upcoming book
*Fangs-giving.* Check it out!

As for our need for this stuff -- speaking solely for myself, the
weirder the world is, the better I like it. That's why science
interests me. Unfortunately, most people think of science as this
hard-and-fast set of rules designed to kill weirdness. They think it
solves mysteries, instead of creating new ones.

Besides, lots of people really do see chupacabras, and Bigfoot, and
phantom panthers. Whether these things are really there is another
question, but most witnesses in flaps are sincere and saw what they
say they saw as surely as middle-school girls see Bloody Mary if they
rub their eyes 13 times while chanting her name, then look into the
dimly lit bathroom mirror. Bloody Mary isn't there, but they see her.
And seeing, if you don't understand how subjective it really is, is

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