X Files anthro? (was Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?)

Bryant (mycol1@unm.edu)
15 Sep 1996 15:09:19 -0600

In article <51hf52$dtc@viper.txdirect.net>,
Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin <griffin@txdirect.net> wrote:

>The anamolous animals are out there
>(or, if they aren't, at least the information on them is!).

...Sounds like that X-files poster: "The Truth Is Out There." :)

Has anybody heard about the goat-sucking, chicken killing, glowing eyes,
furry as hell (but sometimes scaled, with a devil's tail) creature that's
captured much of Latin America's imagination of late?

What do you think is behind the human need for the paranormal?