Re: Homosexuality: male & female

Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin (
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 02:06:11 GMT

Okay, Bryant, so there are physical correlations to sexual
preferences, but so what? If you have to define a word every time
you use it, it's not useful -- and everyone here is having to define
these terms in every post. And the definition of each term affects
the outcomes of the statistical studies for physical correlations.
Historically, there have been plenty of men who married, successfully
fathered children, and then discovered the wide world of men and never
had sexual congress with women again. They define themselves as
homosexual. Certain people here would call them bisexual. And if
their sexual preferences happens to be limited to certain acts, in
certain times and places they might have been considered heterosexual.
Certainly, if such a man had participated in any studies before he
came out of the closet he'd be put down in the heterosexual column and
skew the data. You see the problem here?

I have plenty of evidence in my own life that most emotional states
have physical components, and even physical causes; but slapping a
label on me because I can get high on whole milk doesn't accomplish
much. In most cases, defining a person's sexuality is not an
important thing to do. Until we stop doing it, we are handicapped in
understanding how human sexuality works.

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