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: > The only fact worth mentioning is that women have become independent,
: Boy, are you ever living in a fool's paradise. Haven't you been
: paying attention to what the Economists on the business news
: have been saying. Real wages are dropping with no end in sight.
: Just how independent are you going to be when your [real] wage is
: equalized to Bangladeshi wages of $.21 per hour.

A lot more independent without children than with ...

: If a woman
: choices a "less-than-desirable" spouse its because of her own
: lack of discriminating perception. Look, I've been trying hard
: to focus my blame on government enforced equality for the
: social ills that the U.S. has been suffering. Now, its time
: to blame the likes of rabid feminists especially you and Silke.
: Tell me something, woman supremacist, why is it that women have
: a real problem reporting to other women at work?

Women don't. Men do. (I've had several women supervisors and really
appreciated their management styles.)

Also, being an independent, self-supporting, well-educated female does
NOT equate with being a "rabid feminist." BTW, isn't it interesting that
strong men are just called men, but strong women are called feminists?
Or are they only called that by weak men?

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