ENTERTAINMENT: what do women want?

Brandon Van Every (vanevery@blarg.net)
23 Oct 1996 20:00:12 GMT

I have an ambition to build a "Cyberspace" running on the Internet within
the next 2 to 5 years. Many people are going to attempt to do the same
thing, and they will most likely build clones of DOOM, QUAKE, etc. where
the main purpose of Cyberspace is to kill stuff. The target audience of
these Cyberspaces will probably be the same as for video games currently:
18 to 35 year old males.

Personally, I find all of this a bit "trite." I'd like to build something
that is not combat-centric, and that has more gender balance. To this
effect, I'm wanting to study the entertainment / leisure patterns of women
in the United States. I can get into international stuff later, but the
USA is where the system will probably get built first.
Can anyone tell me what some good sources would be to start with? I'll
take anthro works, personal anecdotes, Gallup polls, marketing data,
anything. In fact, I'd pretty much insist on taking anything and
everything, in order to get a broad spectrum of opinion.

Although I'm very much a 3d computer guy nowadays, I have a B.A. in
Sociocultural Anthropology. So I'm not soliciting easy answers.

Any help appreciated,

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