Re: What Are the Race Den

Albert Himoe (
24 Oct 1996 03:44:59 GMT

To: (Toby Cockcroft)
Subject: Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

> >Remember now, that I'd like a definition of race that is not effectively
> >equivalent to species,

> By putting restrictions like this on the argument you have already
> predetermined the outcome in your favour, this is rather poor science you
> must allow for responses and definitions that do not fall within your
> ideology.

You are in effect attempting to redefine the word "race" as equivalent
to the word "species", that is making human races disappear by
redefinition. This simply means that a different term, e.g., ethnic
group, will be used in place of what was formerly called "race", and
the concept will live under a different name.

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