Re: ENTERTAINMENT: what do women want?

HomemakerJ (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 01:43:59 -0700

Brandon Van Every wrote:
> Personally, I find all of this a bit "trite." I'd like to build something
> that is not combat-centric, and that has more gender balance. To this
> effect, I'm wanting to study the entertainment / leisure patterns of women
> in the United States.
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Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. My first thought it something
gardening. The gardening programs that are out now do not have a very
big library of plants to draw from. On the other hand, I could see
myself playing some silly fantasy gardening game for hours. Something
where beautiful things grow and are attacked by the monster weeds/or
beautiful things grow and we find ourselves in different garden rooms
from different climate zones or countries.

Women are more into feelings too, so maybe something like a choices game
based more on feelings. Hope this gets you started. I could go on and

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