Volunteers Needed for Science By Mail

CRitual (critual@aol.com)
23 Oct 1996 16:12:18 -0400

"Science education is one of our important obligations
to the next generation."

Dr. Andrew Onderdonk, Microbiologist, Boston, MA

Calling All Scientists !


Science-By-Mail, a national pen-pal program that pairs children in the 4th
9th grades with scientists, is looking for eager scientists to volunteer
their time. Science-By-Mail was started in 1988 at the Museum of Science,
Boston, and is designed to encourage kids to explore the sciences, and to
foster a curiosity that will stay with them permanently. Your letters of
encouragement, advice and ideas help bring the world of science closer to
the participants.

Twice during the school year, the children and the scientists will receive
activity packets containing materials and procedures for completing the
activities. This year's packet topics are "Simple Machines" and "Flight".
(You don't need to specialize in these fields to participate.)


Science-By-Mail succeeds because of the volunteers who write to the kids.
We continually hear from parents, teachers, and children who love the
pen-pal aspect of the program. The children especially like hearing
anecdotes regarding scientist's schooling, background, and hobbies.


To volunteer as a mentor pen-pal for the 1996-97 program year, you need a
minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a science or technology related field.
Registration closes on Dec. 1, 1996.
Please call for a brochure at:
800-729-3300 or 617-589-0437 or
EMail us at: sbm@a1.mos.org
If you get the voicemail, please leave your fax number or address, so we
can send you the enrollment form.