ABC & racist pseudoscience

Ralph Buttigieg (
05 Oct 96 07:48:06


28 Sep 96 12:26, wrote to All:

Joue> Sept 26th, ABC-TV in the US broadcast a "new" show, "Chariots of the
Joue> Gods?" featuring the totally debunked claims of Erik von Daniken which

Joue> Why is ABC *doing* this--to keep up with NBC and its notorious
Joue> "Mysterious Origins of Man" or CBS's "Noah's Ark" hoax promulgation?
Joue> ("Not our news division," they will reply to justify promoting garbage!)

Ratings... I'm sure that rubbish will end up here sooner or later.

Joue> --John R. Cole
Joue> I'm an archaeologist, but I don't play one on TV.

Perhaps you should get yourself a broadrimed hat and a horsewhip. :-)



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