Chariots of da Gods?!!

Ralph Buttigieg (
05 Oct 96 07:51:00


30 Sep 96 00:10, wrote to All:

wwe> Why is it when people want to denigrate the efforts of science (and
wwe> scepticism is a big part of science), they always say "...keep an open
wwe> mind"...extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof - and that proof
wwe> just isn't there. Do you all keep an open mind and suspend your
wwe> scepticism when you buy a used car? Or do you just keep your open mind
wwe> and believe everything they say about said vehicle? Similarly, when von

All very true but it won't stop Mr Von Daniken. People want to be astonished,
and amazed. The "Gee Whizz" factor. Its no use complaining about it. What
scientists need to do is take advantage of it. How about finding a
archaeologist with good communication and presentation skills to put on a
popular program on these "mysteries"? Preferably someone who looks good in a
tight dress.



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