Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Theodore A. Holden (
Sat, 05 Oct 1996 13:37:05 GMT

Brian Davison <> wrote:

>I have an interesting theory on evolution to consider. It seems most
>likely that the natural process of evolution is finished, and mankind is
>the final product of that evolution. So the question remains, what
>comes next?

Evolutionism (the idea that <survival of the fittest> is the only moral
law in nature) has brought us English colonialism, the opium wars,
robber-baron capitalism, fascism, naziism, and two world wars.
You want to know what comes next? The answer is that unless
humankind disabuses itself of this stupid bullshit, WW-III comes next.

Ted Holden

Sentenced to die, by electrocution
Raoul don panic, he got de solution
'Why die like a rat, when I can die like a man
An fry MY OWN brain, fo dem puercos can
So Raoul light up, an he go fo broke
An he smoke de spliff what aint neber been smoked
An he fry his mind, on dat noxious pollution,
An den he start talkin, bout EBOLUTION...