Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

Fri, 04 Oct 96 19:32:59 GMT

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> ("Paul C. Dickie") wrote:
>>The most recent news from Von Daniken is that he has been quoted in a Swiss
>>newspaper (sorry folks -- no idea which!) as having predicted that a large
>>mothership will land in the next decade and that Earth is already under
>>surveilance from scout ships launched from the mothership, as the aliens
>>assess the risks from war and pestilence. For some reason, he seemed to have
>>completely overlooked the dangers to any self-respecting Centaurian of close
>>exposure to daytime television...

Or, for that matter, to Aussie soap-operas like "Neighbours"...

>>Once the dangers have been assessed and the Earth is classified as "harmless"
>>or "mostly harmless", Von D thinks that the mothership will land and the
>>aliens demand to be taken to the UN and also to "world leaders".
>Notice how this provides him a convenient loophole when the mother
>ship does NOT make its appearance?

I *had* noticed. Perhaps he had learned something from the way that the former
UK sports commentator and Prophet of the Turquise Tracksuit, David Icke, first
declared that he was the Son of God and then that the world would come to an
end some four or five years ago. Promptly ridiculed in the press as "David,
the Son of Icke", he somehow seemed to lose credibility as the Big Day came
and, er, went...

Quem Deus perdere vult, dementat prius?

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