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>>>The most recent news from Von Daniken is that he has been quoted in a Swiss
>>>newspaper (sorry folks -- no idea which!) as having predicted that a large
>>>mothership will land in the next decade and that Earth is already under
>>>surveilance from scout ships launched from the mothership, as the aliens
>>>assess the risks from war and pestilence. For some reason, he seemed to have
>>>completely overlooked the dangers to any self-respecting Centaurian of close
>>>exposure to daytime television...
>Or, for that matter, to Aussie soap-operas like "Neighbours"...
>>>Once the dangers have been assessed and the Earth is classified as "harmless"
>>>or "mostly harmless", Von D thinks that the mothership will land and the
>>>aliens demand to be taken to the UN and also to "world leaders".
>>Notice how this provides him a convenient loophole when the mother
>>ship does NOT make its appearance?
>I *had* noticed. Perhaps he had learned something from the way that the former
>UK sports commentator and Prophet of the Turquise Tracksuit, David Icke, first
>declared that he was the Son of God and then that the world would come to an
>end some four or five years ago. Promptly ridiculed in the press as "David,
>the Son of Icke", he somehow seemed to lose credibility as the Big Day came
>and, er, went...
>Quem Deus perdere vult, dementat prius?
>< Paul >
He not only lost his credibility, he lost his mind! In fact he had a
nervous breakdown. So, in a sense, the world as he knew it did come to
an end....

We occasionally see him on local TV, as he lives in the area. Now-a-
days he seems to be very anti any religion, and he no longer wears

Kathy McIntosh