Re: Gerold Firl and ethnographic data

Shannon Adams (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 09:31:45 -0700

Bryant wrote:
> In article <52h7j5$>,
> Daniel Maltz <> wrote:
> >Since neither Gerold nor Bryant seem to understand my point about
> >the inadequacy of Elman Service's _Profiles in Ethnology_ as an
> >authoritative source, I will make one attempt to explain myself.
> Disagreeing does not constitute misunderstanding, you arrogant twit.
> >For several years now, Gerold Firl has been posting a variety of
> >theoretical arguments, supposedly rooted in ethnographic data.
> I was simply making the point that if you ask for a reference and get
> one, you don't have a lot to whine about, so long as it covers the topic.
> If you have counter-references, post them. All I see you doing here is
> saying "not good enough" as if that were a substantive objection to
> points made.
> Bryant

I may be mistaken but didn't someone espousing an anti-post modern position
do the same this with Sokal. That reference was not accepted either,