25 Nov 1996 13:34:22 GMT

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> If you think I'm making this up,
> visit the State Museum in Athens and they'll show you proof.

since when does having something displayed in a State Museum make it
truth? If anything, I would say that the State Museum would have much to
gain by conforming to the now tired, old cliche of "tanned caucasians",
since it causes no radical public outcry.....yet. And you also point to a
1963 magazine picture as proof? Ask yourself, what were the beliefs in
Many articles (sorry I cannot list them for "proof") and showsI HAVE SEEN
attack this concept, insisting instead that the original egyptians were
"black" or "negroid" though I am loathe to use such terms, as they have
little scientific value. Skin samples determining approximate melanin
levels, facial reconstructions and ancient artwork all seem to point to
this fact, yet people still resist; going so far as to explain these with
a "rare, hereditary disease" that followed the egyptian dynasties and
caused a darking of the skin, facial bone "deformities" and facial
swelling. Unfortunately, this disease(again I apologize for lack of
details) that was mentioned also caused irreversible sterility, and would
have rendered all the the pharoahs barren. Everyone has their own belief
system....yet I find it hard to grasp that someone's would still be based
on the "gee, I saw it in the museum, so it must be true!" concept, without
any process of selection or digestion of information.

(and for the record, I am what what you would term White, though I
generally use African-American - many, many, many generations back, just
to piss people off)