Knuckle Sandwich (
25 Nov 1996 12:25:07 GMT

Sorry publius but you show yourself to be as ignorant to the facts as the
60 minutes crew was last night. Now I am not cliaming that ancient
egyptians flew or levitated as the director of the school in clevland did,
but classical and Western Cultures CAN trace their roots to Egypt.

Yes, I know what your national geographic says, but really...national
geographic from 1963? You want to update your sources, and maybe we could
get a bit more scholarly. But I suspect that is the problem, eh publis?
The origins of "Western Culture" is not some cut and dried, black or
white, paint by the numbers type of question. Arguements cliaming the the
greeks were totally unique and had no african influence (Egypt is in
Africa) and the equally silly arguement that Africa is the home of every
invention known to man just do not cut it. People interact and learn from
one another.

Who was not allowed into Egypt? Everybody but whites? Take a look at the
hieroglyphics I think EVERYBODY BUT WHITES is portrayted as contibuting to
Egyptian civ. But why am I bothering, you know your arguements are as
flimsy as I do.

For those who actually saw this piece and have something a bit more
intlegent to say, I'd like to hear it. I thought it was interesting that
Martin Bernal was never mentioned since he is considered public enemy
number one by folks like publis. Lufkewitz's (sp) book 'not out of
africa' to the best of my knowledge had nothing to do with this professor
from temple, but rather is a lambastment of bernal.

I thought the 60 min episode failed to discriminate between those people
creating myths and writing it as history and those who have recognized
that this has already occured and are trying to correct the problem.

Knuckle Sandwich

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