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25 Nov 1996 12:24:54 GMT

This evening, CBS "60 Minutes" included a segment on
'Afro-Centrism' - a kind of cult among American Blacks based
on the belief that the Ancient Egyptians were Black and that
the Classical and Western Cultures trace their roots to African
Evidently the originators of this concept are either aware
that this is a hoax or are ignorant of the facts, not having
seen the Tutankhamun Exhibit when it toured the U.S. or
visited the Cairo Museum and Luxor to learn the truth.
Blacks need to somehow establish a viable Cultural base
but not this way. Sooner or later the facts will surface and the
reaction will be bad news all around. This program was the
first attempt to set the record straight but it was not specific.
A picture is worth a thousand words: The October 1963
edition of "National Geopraphic" has on page 642 a photo that
proves it is all a hoax. Anyone who is interested in a copy,
E-mail me your Fax number. My number is 954-525-8800
Prior to the conquest of Egypt by the Asiatic HYksos, Blacks
were not allowed in Egypt nor were Asiatics. The Hyksos not
only allowed Blacks in, they brought them in as slaves. The
original Egytians were a homogeneous, sun-tanned, White Race.
Many of them fled from the Hyksos to the Aegean area where
they formed the Mycenean Culture. After a couple of hundred
years, when the Egyptians were able to overthrow the Hyksos,
the Myceneans helped them. If you think I'm making this up,
visit the State Museum in Athens and they'll show you proof.
The best bet for Black Africans is to somehow emulate other
Peoples who became crypto-Western though they are not White.

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