Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
25 Nov 1996 13:42:31 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: >
: > I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to argue with either
: > Bobby Whitaker or Brian Smith. Neither one has any intention of answering
: > any questions seriously. They simply label anyone who disagrees with the
: > race traitors (Smith) or PC clones (Whitaker) and refuse to address their
: > real points. Hardly surprising, but sad. They realize that their
: > disgusting ideology can't survive the light of real debate, so they hide
: > under the rocks of half-truths and lies. Rather pitiful.
: >
: > But still, I'll try one more time.
: >
: > The idea of race. What is this thing race you speak of? Is it skin tone?
: > But didn't the human race originate in Africa, and its only the movement to
: > northern sun-starved climates that turned some of us (like me) pale. What
: > does that skin color adaptation have to do with making pale people better/
: > smarter, whatever, than everyone else. And how do you explain Indians
: > (in India) who have caucasoid features but skin ranging from light to very
: > dark brown?

: Standard clone statement I've answered many, many times. I will repeat
: the same reply for you as for the other clones, and I'll keep repeating
: until you hear me.

What is that reply other than that you will keep repeating it?
Seems to me that you need a tune-up at the rhetoric shop, me

: You clones say the white race does not exist, but only when that can be
: used against the white race. For your insults and attacks and demands
: for reparations, the white race definitely exist. You arguments for
: genocide against whites are two: 1) the white race does not exist and 2)
: the whtie race deserves it.

What in the passage you have quoted above asserts either (1) or (2)?
Who specifically has made these arguments? When and how?


: When it comes to your program, the white race exists, for sure. You
: demand massive third world immigration into EVERY white majority
: country, and ONLY into white majority countries. Quite a coincidence
: for anyone wo insists he doesn't know what white is.

Where in the above was this demanded?

: >
: > Now, about the superiority of the white race. If you are going to use
: > IQ tests to display our superiority, how do you deal with the fact that,
: > according to the Bell Curve, jews and asians score higher than whites on
: > IQ tests.

: Standard clone statement. As I have explained to each of you clones
: in turn, my objection to the destruction iof my race is not because it
: is superior, but because it is my race you are targetting.

And what makes your race different from, say, Inuit? Are you somehow
more human? More suited for life on this planet?

: >
: > Now about this Jewish conspiracy. Why don't any of my Jewish friends tell
: > me about it? Are they holding out on me? Or is it just an "in" group
: > which knows the truth? If so, they're pretty damn competant, to keep this
: > conspiracy going for thousands of years. And what is their goal? World
: > domination? Sounds like a lot of white guys I know (Hitler, Stalin,
: > Napoleon, Bob Dole). Why do you think the Jewish race is so united, when
: > the white race is obviously so divided (if only because they don't follow
: > your racial view of the world).

: Standard Politically Correct crap. As I have explained to each clone
: in turn, I think the problem with Jews has nothing to do with any
: conspiracy. I think Judaism has become a culture based entirely on
: self-pity. The mostly Eastern European Jews who came over after the
: Civil War brought all their old hates and revenge feeling with them. I
: certainly have no trouble with the ideas of Judah P. Benjamin,
: Confederate Secretary of the Treasury, or the father of Barnard Baruch,
: who was Deputy head of the Confederate Medical Corps, or his Jewish
: boss.

As long as the Jews own black slaves, they're fine?

: As I have said to each clone, and wil have to say to each new one, it
: is that your idea that Jews can have been mistreated throughout the ages
: and have no grudges at all in return is nuts. Your idea that this
: revengeful attitude in what is now the official "I am Jewish, so..."
: attitude in America simply does not exist is post-World War II
: orthodoxy, but it is the swing of the same pendulum Hitler was part of.

You realise that this makes no sense whatsoever?

: I think Jews are people, with the nastiness and hatred left in.
: Anti-semites think Jews are devils, you think Jews are angels.

I happen to think Jews are people too.

: >
: > Now about this Politically Correct thing. How do you explain that I
: > disagree with Bob Whitaker, therefore qualifying as a clone, yet I do not
: > believe the things he says I ought to believe. For example, I do not
: > support the repression of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel.

: Good for you. But you don't mind the official Jewish attitude opf
: hostility to whites. As for Poltiical Correctness, on this issue you
: agree with the standing position for decades of the Communist Party,
: USA, and you disagree with Jerry Falwell, so this really has nothing to
: do with Political Correctness. If you disagree with PC about the
: treatment of groups which are not officially persecuted minorities, it
: would be worth listening to.

Huh? Would you mind explaining this?

: > So if I'm different, how do you have the gall to call me a clone?
: > (I think it's because racists love to put things in simple categories,
: > even if the world is much more complex than that. In their world, they'd
: > prefer to only have McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendies; they'd deny the
: > existance of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hutt: the weasels.)
: >
: > Finally, my beliefs. I believe in judging people on who they are,
: > what they do, and what they say. I don't care about color, religion,
: > or favorite ice-cream flavor. I've known my share of nasty blacks,
: > jews, and whites. And I've known plenty of generous, honest, good
: > people in those categories. Race doesn't matter. Humanity matters.

: Standard insincere clone statement. As I said above, you ahev all
: these virtuous feelings where it can be used to destroy whites.

Your evidence of this?

: Don't worry. I'll keep repeating this until you hear me.

This is the fallacy of _argumentum ad nauseam_j.



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