Re: SPSS/PC available for Windows?

Al Patenaude (
30 Apr 1995 16:40:46 GMT

Gil, you might want to contact SPSS in Chicago (their home office) or
your computing services people at the local university for an Australian

At the current time, SPSS has a Windows-based system that is light years
ahead of SPSS-PC (which was light years ahead of the mainframe version
SPSS-X). The current version is SPSS for Windows Version 6.1 and by
all accounts here is fantastic. I'm using an earlier version, v. 5.0,
and find that the menu driven command system (no more control files!!)
and spreadsheet-style data entry (no more exact spacing between variables!)
is helping me become more more comfortable with large-scale, quantitative
data analysis.

While I don't have the SPSS list of national sales offices at hand, I'll
see if I can dig one up for you. Take Care.

Al Patenaude
School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University email: