SPSS/PC available for Windows?

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.iinet.net.au)
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:05:39 GMT

In the midst of all this further electronic nonsense, I would like to
know about the latest version of the Statistical Package for the
Social Sciences for IBM compatible machines (SPSS/PC).

Is there a new Windows version available, and if so at what price? The
earlier versions adapted from mainframe applications were at that time
enormously expensive.

Else any other complete bio-statistical package able to carry out a
similar range of operations on columns of numbers in a plain-text
file? Data entry to a spreadsheet is far more slow and cumbersome
with twice the number of keystrokes required, while the spreadsheet
macro itself is quite inadequate to the task of multiple regression
and other such operations.

Please e-mail advice.



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