Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Robert Roosen (
Sun, 30 Apr 1995 06:32:11 GMT

Gil Hardwick ( wrote:
: In article <>, Robert Roosen ( writes:
: >That reminds me of scarab rings. The scarab was the symbol of eternal
: >life for one of the Egyptian civilizations. Some of the scarab rings are
: >still around. I have heard many examples of bad luck coming to the
: >wearers of those rings. Sort of a negative power object.
: >

: Bad luck coming to the wearer of a negative power sort of object which
: is the symbol of eternal life?

It was the symbol of eternal life in the culture in which it was
created. It is a piece of jewelry now. The creator gains eternal life
when people wear his creation. It sucks their mana (is the egyptian term

: Excuse me that something fundamental appears to have been missed in
: the translation here. Unless of course such topsy-turvy stories are
: circulated by Museum curators concerned that some weird sect is going
: to break in and steal the stupid things.

: Or maybe catholic priests worried about their congregations . . .

A lot of people have sent rocks back to Hawaii after having runs
of bad luck. People used to be advised it was kapu. I have heard that
kapu was lifted about ten years ago.


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