Re: Q: Did the lost continent of Mu really exist?

Karl Kluge (
31 Dec 1996 01:42:36 -0500

"Gord Bowman" <> writes:

> Please excuse me if this is a question that gets asked far too often, but I
> was unable to locate an FAQ for either sci.archaeology or sci.anthropology.
> Is there any truth to the claims of Col. James Churchward as to the
> continent of Mu in the Pacific which vanished 25,000 years ago and whose
> history dates back 200,000 years ago? Supposedly, he translated stone
> tablets found in an East Indian temple vault. Do these tablets really exist
> and have they been examined by anyone else? Was he a fraud, or merely
> mistaken in his translations or perhaps even a little loony?

See L. Sprague de Camp's _Lost Continents_ and S. William's _Fantastic
Archaeology_ for (at least partial) answers to these questions.