"Ape Men -- fact or fiction?"

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My friend E-Mailed me the following article, and asked me to post it here for
purposes of having the various arguments debated "by the other side." Looking for
point-by-point debate, not flames. Thanks in advance.

"Everything is under control" -- Wallace

Michael J. Gallagher

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by Dr. Gary Parker of Creation Science Ministries

A. Neanderthal Man:
*cave art, evidence of belief in the after-life,
*large brain capacity = regular human being.
*bone diseases, lack of iodine and vitamin D cause stooping and massive
*Most evolutionists agree these were regular human beings.

B. Pitdown Man:
*hoax perpetrated in 1912, not proven until the 1950s.
*an ape jaw and a human skull were painted to appear older.

C. Homo erectus:
1. Java Man:
*upper leg bone and skull cap found fifty feet apart in a gravel deposit
by Eugene Dubois.
*regular human skulls were found in the same deposit, but Dubois did not
reveal this for thirty years.
*Dubois later stated he believed the fossils to belong to a large gibbon
2. Peking Man:
*entirely ape-like skulls found in caves in China with the rear bashed in
with tools buried in the same area.
*the tools were probably used on the ape, not by the ape as brains are a
delicacy in that area of the world.

D. Nebraska Man:
*a pig's tooth found in 1925 was thought to beling to a hominid

E. Ramapithecus:
*based on teeth and jaws, creature was theorized to walk upright.
*bones found later proved it was only an ape, and was thrown out as an
"ancestor" to man.

F. Australopithecus:
1. Zinjanthropus:
*Louis and Mary Leakey found an ape skull with a huge lower jaw near tools.
*Richard Leakey later found regular human bones beneath the skull.
2. "Lucy" (A. afarensis):
*40% complete skeleton found by Donald Johanson in 1975.
*other scientist did not look at it (not allowed to see it) until 1982-83.
*skeleton just like that of a tree-seinging rain forest chimpanzee.
*while Johanson claimed Lucy walked upright, Charles Oxnard of USC says
the anatomy "warns" against a ready acceptance of this.
*Oxnard entered identical joint measurements of Lucy into a computer which
concluded she walked just like an ape, not upright.

G. Other:
*complete skeletons of modern human beings, as well as moder human
footprints, have been found in layers beneath those containing these *"ape-men" fossils (e.g., Castenodolo Man)

There is also the report of human footprints found next to dinasor prints.