Q: Did the lost continent of Mu really exist?

Gord Bowman (gbowman@atlsci.com)
30 Dec 1996 17:47:19 GMT

Please excuse me if this is a question that gets asked far too often, but I
was unable to locate an FAQ for either sci.archaeology or sci.anthropology.

Is there any truth to the claims of Col. James Churchward as to the
continent of Mu in the Pacific which vanished 25,000 years ago and whose
history dates back 200,000 years ago? Supposedly, he translated stone
tablets found in an East Indian temple vault. Do these tablets really exist
and have they been examined by anyone else? Was he a fraud, or merely
mistaken in his translations or perhaps even a little loony?

Gord Bowman (gbowman@atlsci.com)