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Dr. Doug (
30 Dec 1996 17:24:27 GMT

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>I think iconoclastic people representing far-off ideas play a useful
>in the big picture because they make the mainstreamers be more precise
>their own arguments. Sometime, I think your refutations are too ivory
>Here would be two innocent questions from me.
>Why do humans still have fingernails? You've got to cut them
>They are a pain in the tail - which I have lost, unfortunately. Did
>somebody goof?
>What about things like the appendix? teeth? why do all living things
>to eat, i.e. destroy other living things to survive?
>- Andis Kaulins (J.D. Stanford University, 1971)
My humble opinions:

1. When camping, (as our gatherer/hunter ancestors did 24 hours/day),
fingernails can be quite "handy" tools. They make awfully good
back-scratchers, too.

2. Appendix: An organ situated at the end of the small intestine,
containing large amounts of immune factors that attack invaders and try
to neutralize them before they enter the large intestine. Contrary to
surgeons, the appendix is there for a reason.

3. Taking life (animal or plant) to nourish your own is a very
spiritual experience, and is seen as such by many contemporary
gatherer/hunter societies. And when we die, our bodies will supply
life-force to worms and bugs and other life forms.

Happy happy happy!

Dr. Doug