Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

David Waters (
Fri, 17 Feb 1995 02:37:32 GMT

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: Given all other things being equal, an more intelligent person will
: require less time training than an less intelligent person. The
: assumption IS that all races have the same intelligence; as any employer
: would rather have a more intelligent person all other qualifications
: being equal.

This is silly...your lack of real-world experience is blinding!!! First
of all, no one should hire people who are "over-qualified" for a job so
that they are bored with their tasks. Secondly, people with the highest
IQs aren't necessarily the best employees...especially if they don't work
well in a team/group environment as their duties require them to.

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: When the federal government audits military contractors and finds that
: "blacks" are underrepresented in the engineering ranks, they accuse that
: military contractor of racial bias. The Contractor then points to the low
: availability of black graduates from the colleges. The colleges, then, are
: assumed to have racist policies and bigoted practices. Having taught some
: engineering classes, I know that the polices of most colleges is exactly
: the opposite. Blacks are given an advantage.

Key Point
Well, if this is so, then there should be 100% empoloyment among minority
engineers (AfAms in particular), right? Well, there isn't!!! There never
has been!!! Your so-called claim is FALSE!!!

Are those military contractors required to produce all of the resumes and
applications, submitted by minorities, that they turn away? No! In
fact, they often destroy them at designated intervals. The point is that
the hiring process is almost always a closed process, often the final
approvals are made by one person who may be subject to personal bias.

Previously, Gordon Fitch (?) wrote:
: >I hope all you "IQ" fans notice that, once again,
: >"intelligence" is being equated with "general (economic)
: >worth."

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: The correlation between poverty and low intelligence has been proven.

ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!! It would be quite inappropriate for me to name
several former engineers/scientists (once MTS-6 or MTS-7) whose IQs are
probably in the 160-180+ range who are either homeless, living in
poverty, etc., and one (a Cal-Tech grad) is still trying to become a rock
star as he recently used to live out of his car!!!

Do you really think that the wealthiest people are the most intelligent?
Do you know how many successful business owners never graduated from high
school? Everything that you say seems to have been created in some sort
of vacuum!!!

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