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13 Feb 1995 18:57:42 -0400

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>Jim Marks ( wrote:
>: Lord Zilch) signs
>: DAVID White-Nigger-at-Large

>: Is this a way of claming membership in the Quebecios(e) race?
>Hey buddy,
> I'm not a Quebecer, indeed can't even say "Where's the toilet?"
>in anything resembling French, but I just _must_ step up and ask
>you to to kindly shut the fuck up.
>No wonder they want to secede from your country!

Maybe it's just me, but I thought this was a cute and clever play on the
famous (at least in Canada) book/ revolutionary manifesto by Pierre
Valliere, *Negres Blanc de L'Amerique* = *White Niggers of America*.

As a reader of 10+ posts PER DAY on *The Bell Curve* in Sci.anthropology
(it used to run closer to 10 posts / week), I thought that a diverting
reference might be useful....

ou est la salle de bain

or even
ou est la becosse (say "back house" real fast)

will get you pointed to a suitable recepticle

quand tu es plein de merde :)